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About Riverside Express

Riverside Express is the brand name for the Riverside County Transportation Commission’s (RCTC) express lanes program, which includes the 15 Express Lanes, 15/91 Express Lanes Connector, and any future express lanes developed within Riverside County. RCTC also jointly operates the 91 Express Lanes with the Orange County Transportation Authority, but this facility does not operate under the Riverside Express brand. Please click here for 91 Express Lanes customer service.

RCTC’s mission is to deliver mobility solutions to improve life in Riverside County. With transportation infrastructure needs exceeding available funding, RCTC developed the express lanes program to help improve mobility by providing travel options for toll payers, carpoolers, transit buses, and other travelers. RCTC opened the Riverside County portion of the 91 Express Lanes in March 2017, the 15 Express Lanes in April 2021 and the 15/91 Express Lanes Connector in November 2023.

Funding for the 15 Express Lanes and 15/91 Express Lanes Connector is provided by a combination of local, state, and federal sources. RCTC uses toll revenue to operate and maintain the express lanes and to repay the loan and bonds issued to fund construction of the new lanes. RCTC reinvests any remaining revenue after these obligations are paid in new transportation improvements to the corridor. In fact, toll revenue generated from the 91 Express Lanes since its opening is being used to help fund the 15/91 Express Lanes Connector. RCTC is a public agency, not a private or for-profit organization. All funds, including tolls, are public dollars subject to state and federal laws and regulations.

RCTC is committed to transparency and improving transportation in Riverside County. We hope you benefit from the travel choice that the Riverside Express offers.


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Riverside County Transportation Commission has adopted several policies for the operation of the 15 Express Lanes. 

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