Rental Vehicle

Travelers using a rental vehicle have several options for paying tolls when driving on the 15 Express Lanes. To use the 15 Riverside Express, all vehicles must have a FasTrak® transponder.

Riverside Express Accountholders

Rental vehicles may be added to a Riverside Express account.  Your account will be charged each time the vehicle crosses any express lane, toll road, or bridge in California.   To add the rental vehicle to your account, follow the steps below.  

  • Login to your account
  • Select “Manage Account” then “Update Account.” 
  • Select “Vehicles,” then “Add Vehicle.” 
  • Click “Yes” if the vehicle you are adding is a rental.
  • Enter the license plate START and END date. 

If you have a hardcase switchable transponder: Before driving on an express lane, toll road or bridge, add the rental vehicle's license plate number to your account temporarily and transfer the hardcase switchable transponder to the rental vehicle.

If you forget to remove the switchable transponder from the rental vehicle, notify us immediately. click here for more information.

FasTrak Flex Switchable Transponder


If you have a sticker transponder: Sticker transponders cannot be moved from vehicle to vehicle. Please use the transponder provided by the rental agency or purchase a FasTrak Flex® switchable transponder by logging into your account online or by contacting customer service at (855) 951-1500

FastTrak Sticker Transponder


Additional transponders can be ordered online, via phone or in person: 

  • Online - Login to your account. Select "Manage Account” then ''Transponders." Click on "Add Transponder", then select quantity to complete your order. 
  • Phone - (855) 951-1500
  • In Person - 301 Corporate Terrace Circle Corona, CA 92879 (M-F 8:00 am - 6:00 pm) 

Non-Account holders

Many rental car companies offer ways to pay tolls conveniently through the rental agreement. Before driving a rental car on an express lane, toll road or bridge ask the rental car company how they process tolls and fees. To open a new account, click here.